Put Your Wishes In Writing

Put Your Wishes In Writing

How to draft a will in Jackson, TN

The laws and regulations about wills vary from state to state. Make sure your will is valid by coming to Krenis Law in Jackson, TN. We can draft a will that stands up to scrutiny and challenges.
The attorneys at Krenis Law can also help you write a living will. This important document, also known as an advance directive, lets you leave clear instructions about:

  • What type of health care you want if you’re incapacitated
  • What kind of end-of-life care you want to receive
  • How and where you want to be laid to rest

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Why you need to draft a will

It's easy to avoid this issue by insisting you don't care what happens to your estate once you're gone. But failing to draft a will can cause confusion, stress and conflict with your family. Writing your will lets you plan things ahead of time to spare your family more pain as they grieve.

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