Questions About Your Child Support Agreement?

Questions About Your Child Support Agreement?

Talk to a family law attorney in Jackson, TN

Child support is one of many ways parents provide for their children after a separation. Who provides the support and how much it is varies significantly from case to case. Make sure your child is getting the financial support they need by contacting Krenis Law.
We handle all types of child support issues in the Jackson, TN area. We can help you:

  • File for child support
  • Modify a child support agreement
  • Appeal a child support ruling

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Helping you navigate child custody arrangements

You want what’s best for your child. So does the legal team at Krenis Law. We’ll work with you and your child’s parent to create a child custody agreement that works for everyone.
A good child custody agreement:

  • Gives your child a sense of routine and stability
  • Encourages a strong bond between the child and each parent
  • Allows parents to meet their other responsibilities

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