Q. How do I pick my lawyer?

A. You can pick a lawyer based on his/her reputation and experience. You may also choose a lawyer based on referrals from friends and family who may have used the lawyer or by having a consultation with him/her so you can decide for yourself. You should feel comfortable with your lawyer and trust him/her to tell you the truth.

Q. When would I need you as my lawyer?

A. Anytime you need honest, educated and reliable legal advice. One example is if you've been sued or served with any type of legal documents. Lawyers know what to do in these types of situations and can protect you from making damaging statements. Another example is if police want to "just" talk with you. Your answers may be damaging if you go it alone. If you decide that you don't want to hire an attorney, it may be best to at least consult with one to know your rights. Don't put it off and find out you should have contacted a lawyer sooner than you did.

Q. Can I handle my own legal problems?

A. Of course. The same way you can traet your own health problems, fix your own car, and make your own furniture. If you aren't familiar with exactly how to do something, it is usually doesn't turn out so well. With law, you could end up going to jail unnecessarily, losing visitation or money. Lawyers have the experience, knowledge and ability to handle legal matters that usually same the general public more than they costs.

Q. Can I change attorneys?

A. Yes. If you are dissatisfied with your lawyer, consult with other lawyers whom you may be more comfortable with. Be sure to try to discuss problems with your current lawyer to see if you can resolve them first.

Q. What should my attorney expect from me?

A. Attorneys expect their clients to be honest and cooperative.

Q. What should I expect when I hire an attorney?

A. When you hire an attorney you should expect him/her to be knowledgeable about the particular case, keep you informed, and discuss your concerns. He or she should work hard on your case to get the best result. Attorneys are not miracle workers. They represent their clients to the best of their abilities but can't and shouldn't promise an outcome.

Q. What should I look for in an attorney?

A. With the internet readily available for most people, you can Google attorneys and check reviews, that document actual experiences had by people like you who used them.

Q. How do you set your fees?

A. Fees are based on the amount of work the attorney anticipates in representing a client. They are either hourly or contingent (a percent of what is won), depending on the type of case.

Q. What do you specialize in?

A. Krenis Law handles many different types of law, including car wrecks, DUI defense and other criminal cases, immigration, divorce, child custody, speeding tickets, wills powers of attorney, business law, contacts. In Tennessee, an attorney has to complete certain processes to be declared a certified specialist in a specific area of the law. An attorney who is not a "certified specialist" does not mean that he or she is not as skilled as a "certified specialist," but that they chose not to go through that process.

Q. Why do you specialize in this?

A. Krenis Law doesn't "specialize" in one particular area of law. Our diverse practice allows us to pursue our goal of resolving many different types of legal problems and gaining happy, satisfied clients.