My experience with Mr. Krenis was outstanding. Mr. Krenis met with me immediately after I spoke with his assistant. In my situation I was facing an increase in my child support payments. Mr. Krenis showed up to court and did a great job!!! Mr. Krenis was able to get a significant decrease in my child support payments!!!!! He also discovered that I was paying too much child support!! Mr. Krenis made sure I was satisfied with my outcome before we left the courtroom. Mr. Krenis was very relatable, and is fully committed in getting the best out come for his client!!!

Sabastian Baker

James gave me excellent council during my dui case and helped me make the best decision for me and my future. Great communicator, friendly and enthusiastic about my needs and wants. Wouldn't recommend anyone else in the West TN area besides Krenis Law.

Deandre Love

Did my research with lawyers around the Jackson area and chose them, very friendly and professional glad I went with them.

Cee Flo

Did my research with lawyers around the Jackson area and chose them, very friendly and professional glad I went with them.

Jeff Simcox

Did my research with lawyers around the Jackson area and chose them, very friendly and professional glad I went with them.

Jeff Simcox

I cannot recommend Mr. Krenis highly enough! From start to finish, he handled my traffic ticket case with professionalism, expertise, and care. His attention to detail and dedication to achieving the best outcome were evident throughout the process. Thanks to his exceptional representation, my case was resolved favorably. I am truly grateful for his outstanding legal assistance and would confidently recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

Jessica Blue

Good lawyer, thank you
He was clear about what could happen... and in the end it was resolved in the best way... and only in a court... recommended

Jose Ortiz

Was looking for legal advice. Was super helpful and took the time to explain the legal side and also the logical side of the situation. Was super helpful and I am more knowledgeable on the subject. Would recommend anyone going here for any issues.

ElementalCreepersInc. ECI

The best lawyers l can proudly recommend to anyone needing their services

Jonas T. Apanah

Great Job helping us get a drives speeding ticket dismissed. Easy to work with and super friendly. Thanks so much

Hank Harris

I am so very happy with James Krenis. He got the very best outcome for my situation. I highly recommend him!

Duke Pearson

Straightforward, mighty man of God

Scottie King

This was the best experience with my attorney he got every thing dropped I will definitely use him again

Ricky Ingram

Professional and easy process of getting a divorce.

Mills F.

I have seen a lot people say that he is a good lawyer I am in need of a good lawyer .. I just hate every good lawyer are very expensive.

Danisha Horton

I was looking for an immigration lawyer, and someone recommended krenis. However, i decided to go with an attorney in Memphis since that is where immigration is located. nevertheless, I read the reviews. I wish they would let us rate the responses also. I find some reviews helpful in conjunction with the response. because I cannot rate some reviews as "helpful", the responses are helpful (and they are funny: ) considering the bad reviews. if I need help locally, I will give krenis a call.


When I met with Mr. Krenis, he was very informative and comforting. He made me feel better about my situation. He got me the best possible outcome he could regarding my situation, which meant a lot to me. I would definitely recommend Krenis Law to all my friends and family.

Jermaine Hogsett

Thanks to Krenis Law for resolving my traffic citation. It's really worth to consult Mr.Krenis. He negotiated a great deal for me. Thanks to Ms.Lesley as well. She is very nice and humble. Appreciate both of you for you work!

Soumio Ghosh

Very Helpful, Understanding & Professional!!!
I totally recommend there service

Omega Richardson

I am very satisfied with Mr Krenis and his work crew. He really helped me out with my criminal case. If it wasn't for his help, I would have been in a more harsher situation. He's very respectful and was really on point when it came to my case. Much respect

Leonel Arreola

Received a speeding ticket on our trip back home in Tennessee. Contacted Krenis Law to represent me so I would not have to drive back to Tennessee for court. Pricing was very reasonable and my ticket was dismissed. Save me time and money. The Law firm was very professional and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this law firm for your vehicle tickets.

Michelle Duronio

Hardworking, Trustworthy! Will fight your case for you. Krenis Law fought to have my CDL ticket dismissed.

It'shim APM

Mr. Krenis is a wonderful lawyer to work with. And is the best in West Tennessee in his field of practice. He's a very direct and up front man and tells it like it is and will do his utmost to help you. If genuine honesty and personality is what you seek in an attorney, please give this firm a chance. On a personal level, Mr. Krenis is a very charismatic and admirable man. I will not go anywhere else except Krenis Law Firm.

PS... These 1 star and negative reviews do not accurately describe Mr. Krenis, his staff, or his practice in any way and are based off of spite and irrational emotion. I've dealt with this man and his wonderful assistant face to face and Mr. Krenis is not the kind of man these grouchy people attempt to make him out to be.

Adam Stone

Mr. Krenis and Mrs. Leslie were very supportive in helping me deal with a narcissistic ex-husband fighting over child support. Worked with me on pricing when I told him what I could afford. Mrs. Leslie was the cheerleader I needed going at this horrible person/situation alone. Mr. Krenis let me know during consultation that the judge could rule in a different manner. Day of court he went in with guns blazzin and convinced my ex's attorney to sign over days willingly. When my ex was being ugly and made me feel embarrassed to be the mother of his children, Mr. Krenis put me at ease and reassured me that he wasn't getting to us. I will be using him again in the future.

Stephanie Richardson

Our family will forever be greatful to Mr. James Krenis. He fights hard for his clients! He is definitely the best lawyer in this region. His assistant Leslie is also amazing. They both go above and beyond to get the best outcome. Thank you Krenis Law


Very Professional, upfront and has great counsel. spend your money here

Winston Murphy

Very professional. Took great interest in my case and very pleased with the outcome. Would absolutely recommend

Brian Duncan

Very professional. Took great interest in my case and very pleased with the outcome. Would absolutely recommend

Jon Elkins

I hired Mr. Krenis in the middle of my divorce case and I wish I had hired him from the start. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and straight to the point

Jonathon Brewer

Many thanks for everything . It was a great blessing. I recommend them and a plus they speak Spanish.

Therly Munoz

I just wanted to take out a few minutes to talk about our experience with attorney James Krenis. My son went to jail for driving without a license so we hired attorney James Krenis needless to say he was awesome after court he took out the time to explain to me and my family what was going on with my son, later that day I was waiting to pick up my son from jail and the jail kept giving us the run around this made me my family and especially my son very upset so I called back attorney James Krenis and explain to him the situation and he calmed me down and said down worry I'll fix it and that is exactly what he did . I was able to pick up my son less than 15 minutes later Mr.James Krenis went above and beyond for us and my son it's nice to know and see that people still care and will work hard for you I highly recommend him I just know that on 3/2/2020 attorney James Krenis was my family hero. Mr.James Krenis thank you for your patience your kindness and being very professional and caring for my son. You are awesome if you are looking for a lawyer that cares and is concerned about you and will fight for you Mr,James Krenis is your man. Thank you James Krenis for a job well done. Sandra Chandler.

Sandra C.

My husband and I were shopping at Wal-Mart and checked out. There was an older male employee of Wal-Mart spot cleaning the floor in front of our register. He'd spray some kind of cleaner in parts of the floor and then mop them up. As we were leaving, I was walking past the self-check area and slipped on something wet and fell. I was in a lot of pain and had to be off work several days. Walmart's insurance company and i assume their lawyers called me several times and made me feel uncomfortable about the whole situation. i talk to a few people and they had used Krenis Law in the past and Mr. James had gotten them fair settlements so I talked to him. He was very helpful and walked me through the entire process. He handled Wal-mart and their attorneys. He recently settled my case. I am THRILLED with the results. I hope this never happens to me again but if it does I will call James immediately!

Michelle Rogers

As I sit here in the office, we just finished mediation (it was hell trying to deal with a greedy, controlling jerk). I am very happy to say WE SETTLED and It's finally over!!! Mr. Krenis was beside me throughout this whole ordeal! He was very reasonable on fees, he was very nice and considerate (knowing my circumstances and my emotional state). He was always punctual and kept me well-informed. If I should ever need him for ANYTHING I will not hesitate to retain him and his staff again! Thank you so much James and Leslie for all your help, time, efforts, and encouragement!!! I appreciate EVERYTHING; I am 100% satisfied❤ You guys are awesome!!!

Wanda Criswell

I called Krenis Law with my difficult child custody case. His staff was very helpful and worked diligently on my behalf. I received great legal information and Mr. Krenis knew the law and was able to explain my options. He even explained how I could save money. I would recommend Mr. Krenis any day to anyone in need of a caring, affordable and smart attorney.

LA Cox

I called Krenis Law about my divorce and was able to make an appointment the same day. I speak mostly Spanish so it was great that he spoke it too! When i met Mr. Krenis he seemed genuinely concerned about my case and gave me good advice. After my consultation, and with the advice given to me, I felt confident that he was the attorney i wanted to handle my case. I hired him right away. I would contact Krenis Law for any other Legal issues I may have in the future and would recommend Krenis law to all of my friends.

Guadalupe Enciso

I called Krenis law about a divorce and was able to make an appointment quickly. I speak Spanish and it was great that he does too. When I met Mr. Krenis he gave me good advice. After my consultation, and the vice given to me, I felt confident that he was the attorney I wanted to handle my case. My case became complicated but he handled my case quickly and efficiently. I will contact Krenis law for any other legal issues on my have in the future and would recommend Krenis or to all my friends and family who want a good lawyer.

Maria Cuatlalyal

I called Krenis Law because I got into a little trouble. I called over the weekend and got an appointment quickly. When I met Mr. Krenis he was very nice and explained everything good. He made me feel good about something that meant a lot to me. I am using him to handle my case. Hopefully I won't need to , but I would use Krenis Law for any other legal issues I may have in the future and would recommend Krenis Law to all my friends and family.

Travis Goins

I called Mr. Krenis about my legal matter and was able to make an appointment quickly. When I met Mr. Krenis he seemed genuinely concerned about my case and gave me good advice. After my consultation, and the advice he had given me, I felt confident he was the attorney I wanted to handle my case. I will contact Mr.Mr. Krenis for any other legal issues and I would recommend Krenis Law to all of my friends and family who are in need of legal representation.

Billy Flippin

I called Mr. Krenis about my immigration case and was able to make an appointment quickly. When i met with Mr. Krenis he seemed concerned about my case, explained all of my options, and gave me good advice. I didn't hire him right away but we plan to at the time for financial reasons but will call him when i am able to do so.

Luius Meza

I checked with Krenis Law about my case. He met me on time and explained the law. Instead of charging me money, he was honest and told me that it would probably cost me more to pursue it than it was worth. Instead of making money for himself, he was honest and I kept my money in my pocket. I will definitely come back to Krenis Law if I need a lawyer in the future and recommend him highly

Sam Brown

I looked up criminal defense lawyers in Jackson, TN and saw Krenis Law listed. I called and made an appointment at my convenience. Mr. Krenis met with me and we discussed my case over coffee. I hired him on the spot. I'm confident my case will be handled in the best way possible.

Waldrico Lewis

Oh how Mr Krenis helped me with my case and was very to the point with no sugar coating on what was to be expected. Very professional and very knowledgeable.

Dani Escareno

I have met with Krenis Law about my legal matter. The attorney was nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I did not begin service at this time, but will likely contract to have his representation in the future. It was a valuable session.

Kimberly Barnes

I called many lawyers who weren't willing to help me. When I reached Krenis Law, they were the only ones who offered an affordable solution to my problem. When I met Mr. Krenis, he worked with me financially and made me feel good about how it will all work out. I recommend Krenis Law for any legal issues they handle.

Laura Lindsey

I called Krenis Law about a legal matter and he met with us fast. He really cared about my case, made a lot of helpful suggestions, and gave me good advice. I haven't hired him yet, but I will definitely call him when I'm ready I highly recommend him!

Gary Mccann

Mr. Krenis was referred to me by a friend. He met with me first thing Monday after my incident on the previous Friday. He seemed knowledgeable and ready to help. I am impressed and ready to be helped by him.

Larry Haney

I was referred to Krenis Law by an attorney that did not work in my county. His office staff was very friendly and concerned as was he. They initiated my case quickly and knew the law well.

Deborah Winchester

I will get back with Mr. Krenis after talking with a civil engineer so he can help me with my water damage/issues. I feel confident he will do his best to see this through. I really think he knows his stuff!

Theresa Wilson

A friend told us to look up Krenis Law on the internet because we are having child custody problems. Mr. Krenis was very honest and spent time talking to all of us sincerely about our case. We are going to use him to help us help our child. It was worth the long drive.

Sandy Browder

I've heard good things about Mr. Krenis and his billboard. We decided we needed a lawyer who wasn't a public defender. We know Mr. Krenis is going to help us! It helps that he speaks Spanish and knows about criminal law.

Delta Pitones

James Krenis is the best. He really cares for his clients.

Alex Reed

Everything went well and he was professional.

David Sikut

Easy to get along with! Affordable! Great staff! And very helpful!

Megan Williamson

I was going to not use an attorney but I found Mr Krenis at the last minute. Sure glad I did! He got me a great deal with no jail even though the state wanted jail time. I highly recommend Krenis Law!

Jaxon Coffman

Had a great experience with this lawyer.

Bessie Burton

Attorney Krenis is a great lawyer!!!! As I intended the worst, from the attorney that represented me in city court, Mr. Krenis fought to get me a great deal in Circuit Court than I anticipated!!! Well done, Attorney Krenis!!! I thank you so much!!

David Turner

James Krenis. There's no other guy! You have no idea how I feel. He took care of everything. Amazing! Best DUI attorney around

Michael Hobbs

Excellent service at mediation, kept us from having to go to court in my contested divorce. He was very affordable and had my best interest at all times. The mediator was fair and very knowledgeable in her area. Would recommend Krenis law to anyone.

Deborah Winchester

He is a very good lawyer he did every thing he could to help meand he made a payment plan for me I would use him again.

Travis Goins

We hired Mr. Krenis in a custody case of our grandchildren and we are very happy with the representation we received. He came well prepared and kept us informed. We would gladly recommend him.

Penny Koehler

James Krenis is the best!! I thank God I hired him! My friend told me to call Krenis Law. I made an appointment quickly and meet with Mr. Krenis. He was nice and easy to talk to. I explained to him that my main concern was keeping my job. He didn't not make me any promises but said he would work hard for me. When we was at court I was nervous but Mr. Krenis fought hard for me and didn't give up. I get to keep my job!! Thank You Thank You!

Barabra Perry

Just got out of court with Mr. Krenis. He made the best of a bad situation I got myself into and I'm very happy i chose him to represent me.

Marcus Garrett

Today the lawyer Krenis helps us with my son's problem. We are happy with Mr. Krenis. He gave us all the information we should know. He was patient and punctual. He valued the money we paid him.

Maria Sosa

I used Krenis Law for my injury claim. I have been very impressed with James. He has communicated with me throughout this process. While sitting in mediation he was very prepared and actually got me MORE MONEY than what was offered to begin with. I am very happy with his services and I hope to never be injured again but if I am i will definitely be calling Krenis Law

Mary Miller

I am very grateful and thankful to James. He has made my day a lot easier and happier. He did a very great job , defending me, especially keeping it out of trial.

Billy Cliff

Mr. Krenis helped me win my case and I never cried so many tears of joy in my life. He listened to me and gave me sound honest advice about my chances and what to expect. Fortunately, it worked out greater than expected.

Latresia Cox

Talk about getting good results! Mr. Krenis went above and beyond! It was a bad case for the prosecution, but the DA wasn't even in court the day I was required to be there. All the other lawyers charged their clients more money and got another date to come back, but Mr. Krenis got the right DA on the phone and worked out a great deal, saving me money, time and a wrongful conviction for something I didn't do! He's the best!

William Bolster-Barrett

Quick appointment time. Mr. Krenis was very knowledgeable, informative and confident. Kept focused on the issue discussed. Happy to be represented by Krenis Law.

Glenn Carter

I chose Mr. Krenis to represent me. His assistant, Leslie, was very comforting, helpful, and very down to earth. I knew this was the place we needed to come.

Caleb Barnes

James, made a particularly difficult case very simple. He fought on my behalf and I couldn't have picked a better man to represent me. I am thankful for it.

Jeremy Akins

I came to Krenis Law because someone recommended him. I came to consultation and he seemed very interested in the case and thought a good outcome would come of it. He gave great advice even if that was meaning he wouldn't get paid. I would highly recommend him.

Anayensi Almanza

Mr. Krenis was very easy to talk to. He was honest and to the point. I was a little nervous when I came in and once we started talking, I became more relaxed and confident that I made the right choice.

Mark Warren

I called Krenis Law and was able to get in quickly. He's very honest and upfront. He give every detail to every possible situation and makes you feel confident. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Amber Roberts

Krenis Law Handled many cases such as speeding tickets and immigration. They took their time to talk to us. I can believe they can get the jobs done.

Luis Pineda